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Your Hosts: Two Former White House Speechwriters From Opposite Sides of the Aisle

Mary Kate (R) and Paul (D) rose in the ranks together in the Nation’s Capital, serving Presidents, Vice Presidents, Members of Congress, Cabinet Members, and you can throw in a U.S. Attorney General and Committee or two for good measure. They’ve appeared together on TV and at speaking engagements and today bring the left and right together to discuss the issues that divide America with civility and respect.



Tired of the yelling and insults? Just trying to understand each side’s point of view?

Bipodisan Cover Art

From Royals to Royalties

This week on Bipodisan, Paul is outnumbered both in gender and party affiliation by Mary Kate and Jean. The group pays homage to women by discussing the latest in the #MeToo movement, including justice for women and possible come-backs for…

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