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Your Hosts: Friends Who Disagree

Jean (R) and Robert (D) have known each other, and have disagreed about politics, since they were college classmates; for almost 30 years, they’ve disagreed without being disagreeable.

In that time Jean worked as a top Republican communicator, including cabinet-level speechwriting in the George W. Bush administration, while Robert built a career as a journalist and then liberal columnist.

Today, they want to add their sharp-but-civil discourse to a national political conversation where name-calling too often passes for intelligent political discussion.



Tired of the yelling and insults? Just trying to understand each side’s point of view?

Bipodisan Cover Art

Should we care what the world thinks of the U.S.? And are Democrats moving too fast on impeachment?

Is the United States still the leader of the free world? Have American politics become a joke, or, as co-host Robert says, a dystopian hell-scape? This week, the Bipodisan duo takes a look at the big picture of America’s role…

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